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June Harwood Charitable Trust

The June Harwood Charitable Trust was established by June Harwood in 2012 to conserve, maintain and manage her artwork, and to promote her artistic legacy. The Trust holds the largest archive of her work, which is made available to scholars and museums. Please contact the Trust for details. 

June Harwood | Hopscotch 2009 | Copyright | June Harwood Charitable Trust | 2012

June Harwood, Hopscotch, 2009 

Collection of Pomona College. Gift of the June Harwood Charitable Trust.

Copyright June Harwood Charitable Trust

All photographs by Larry Lytle unless otherwise noted: Photograph of Harwood on Homepage is by Gerry Kim. Photograph on Biography page is by Douglas Rosa. Photograph of Untitled, 1964, on Art page, courtesy of Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) / Susan Einstein. All images of June Harwood and artworks by June Harwood are copyrighted, June Harwood Charitable Trust, 2012.

June Harwood Charitable Trust, Owner of Hard-Edge Artist June Harwood Paintings | CA

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