Below are examples of June Harwood's paintings, ranging from the 1960s to the years prior to her death. Titles are those written in Harwood's hand on the back of the paintings.


These are among the approximately one-hundred fifty works by June Harwood held by the Trust, in addition to a number of works given to Jules Langsner and June Harwood by their artist friends. 

Sliver Series

Untitled, c1960

Untitled, 1960/61

Untitled, 1964

Colorform Series

Phthalo-Red, 1966

Bullseye, 1964

Loop Series

Untitled, 1965 [three separate paintings, all same title]

Untitled, March, 1966

Red-Black, 1965

Network Series

Untitled, December, 1967

Untitled, c 1969

Jigsaw Series

Untitled, January, 1975

Untitled, April, 1975

Reflection Series

Untitled, 1977

Untitled, 1977

Rock Series

Adam and the Ants, October, 1981

Pink Floyd, 1982

Chicago, October, 1982

Earth, Wind and Fire, 1979

Migration Series

Nightseed, 1990

Green Genesis, 1990

African Series

Trapeze, March, 1992

Deere, 1992

Canyon Series

Untitled, 1994

Untitled, 1994

[no series names were given to paintings done during the last decade of Harwood's working life]

Untitled, 1998

Brocade, March, 2006

Pinochle,  2008

Hopscotch, 2009

Untitled, c 2010

All photographs by Larry Lytle unless otherwise noted: Photograph of Harwood on Homepage is by Gerry Kim. Photograph on Biography page is by Douglas Rosa. Photograph of Untitled, 1964, courtesy of Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) / Susan Einstein. All images of June Harwood and artworks by June Harwood are copyrighted, June Harwood Charitable Trust, 2012.

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