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The June Harwood Charitable Trust encourages the reproduction of works by June Harwood as a part of her legacy.


The Trust owns the copyright to ALL art (paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture) produced by June Harwood, no matter who owns a particular work. You must have written permission from the Trust to reproduce any and all art made by June Harwood. This is true regardless of the medium of reproduction, such as, but not limited to, books, webpages, magazines, and brochures.

If you would like to reproduce a work by June Harwood, please contact the Trust (see the Contact page). There may or may not be a fee. Please tell us the type of publication, if it is scholarly or commercial, and, for printed items, the size of the printed run.

June Harwood | Nightseed 1990 | Abstract Hard-Edge Artist | Charitable Trust | 2012

June Harwood, Nightseed, 1990, copyright, June Harwood Charitable Trust

Copyright & Ownership Rights of June Harwood’s Hard-Edge, Abstract Art |CA

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